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Barrier Cable Systems,Inc.

Post Tensioning Repairs &


Post-tensioned concrete construction represents an important and growing percentage of today’s building structures. Tendons supporting these structures may be damaged over time by corrosion or accidentally during rehabilitation/alteration works. BCSI has the experience, specialty hardware, and equipment to:
• Precisely locate tendon paths and strand break position using advanced electromagnetic detection tools
• Investigate and assess Post-Tensioned tendons and structures including visual, lift-offs, or tension measurements
• Perform repairs to re-splice and re-stress damaged tendons to preserve the structural stability and strength
• Perform repairs and alteration on old or exotic post-tensioning systems such as button head wires, 3/8″ and 6/10″ strands or precast prestressed structural elements.

Barrier Cable

Post-Tensioning Alteration

BCSI has the ability to design and implement all types of structural modifications to Post-Tensioned structures and specially Post-Tensioned floors. Planning and executing a new stair opening in an existing building with PT slabs takes a lot more careful planning and expertise. BCSI can assist engineers to define the most efficient way to execute these structure alterations and implement them with the skill and attention to detail that these sensitive operations require.

Investigation and Assessment

Our services include investigation and assessment of existing Post-Tensioning systems in order to determine their condition, evaluate the forces still active, and to recommend repair or strengthening strategies. BCSI designs and produces a special PT cable tension gage that allows structural engineers to collect actual force data in the tendons. This allows for condition assessments and safety evaluations by executing a side pull with no need to access the anchors or a full depth demolition or opening. The patented equipment features a fully digital control, acquisition, and displays for the highest degree of accuracy.