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Damaged or non-compliant guardrail systems expose parking garage owners and operators to liabilities should anyone be injured. Law suits and damages can cost thousands of dollars in cases of injury or possible death from a fall accident resulting from the lack of proper code mandated protection. Lack of maintenance for an extended period has been used to add charges for negligence which make liabilities even greater and may even involve personal responsibilities.

Owners and operators need to realize that guardrails are essential to the safety of the facility users and need to be maintained properly so the building remains serviceable. Handyman repair shown in the photos to the right do not restore the structural capacity of the barrier cable and are a worthless investment that will not resolve the problem.

Barrier cables are an engineered systems and their design requires calculations by an experienced Professional Engineer for each specific structure, it is not an off the shelf solution! When it comes to Barrier Cables, only a Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) certified technician has the training, experience and special hydraulic tools needed to properly stress and back-stress cables to a precise load so to insure their performance according to the design.

What can Barrier Cable Systems, Inc offer you?

Barrier Cable Systems is our core activity complemented by other technologically related applications such as Post-Tensioning and cable structures. Our staff and technicians are PTI trained and certified and perform Barrier Cable installation and repairs on a daily basis. We see a large variety of structures and problems and possess the knowledge and experience to solve issues in the most cost effective way and with a guarantee of compliance with the governing building codes and guidelines.`

We offer expert advice and professional services that solve Barrier Cable problems the right way to return the structure safe and eliminate owner and operator exposure to risks and liabilities. When it comes to existing structures, our services include:

  • Inspection and assessment of existing barrier cable and guardrail structures for code compliance and structural adequacy.
  • Perform the engineering and cost analysis of options for repairs, upgrade or maintenance in coordination with the owner or its architect.
  • Perform maintenance, repair, upgrade, or full replacement of the system as decided by the owner or operator for any Barrier Cable or guardrail system.
  • Provide emergency or on-call repair/replacement services for Barrier Cable systems.

Barrier Cable


Modifications to IBC guardrail requirements makes the old 7 cable vehicular systems unfit as pedestrian barriers or vehicle restraints. We developed several options for conversion/upgrades so to achieve compliance with the new standards and avoid liabilities.

Restoring code compliance of older barriers can be achieved through the addition of cables, creation of new intermediate supports or anchoring locations as well through the proper addition of a Chain Link fence to resolve Pedestrian Safety concerns.


Adding Barrier Cables to existing structures can be a great way to supplement old parapets uncappable of vehicle restraint or as a replacement to an existing precast spandrel system. Barrier Cable Systems, Inc. can assess, custom engineer, fabricate and install such systems as a turnkey service.