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Post Tensioning


Bridge Post-TensioningAdditional Post-Tensioning & Strengthening

Additional Post-Tensioning is an active strengthening method consisting of introducing forces that oppose the permanent and/or live loads. This technique can be applied in most cases in highly congested areas and is the only technique that can be used to relieve over-stressed structures. This application is extremely cost effective for large structural members and for heavy alterations such as transfer girders which are required when columns are being removed in a structure. They can be applied to virtually any structure and any material such as concrete, steel, or timber. As shown in the photos below, Additional PT can be installed in congested areas, under operation with minimal disruption, dust or noise. It can be successfully implemented to all sorts of structures including industrial, buildings, and bridges.


Barrier Cable

Bridge Post-Tensioning

BCSI can design, supply, and install bridge post-tensioning systems using mono-strand, multi-strand or bar based tendon systems for small and medium bridges or buildings.

Circular Structures, Large Diameter Pipes and Silos

Post-Tensioning is extremely effective in strengthening circular structures (tanks, silos and pipelines) that require additional strength due to deterioration or change of use. Cables applied externally induce compression in the cylinder walls that impede cracking from its deterioration or to allow for a higher pressure or denser contents.